About Us

These are the Bakers and Owners of Cookie Café: Husband and wife team Evan and Valerie with Sweet Mama Minnie Pie the bunny. We are a small Washington based bakery committed to delivering you the best cookies, build your own box and mystery box subscriptions!

Our cookies have been recognized on the front page of the BI Review! As well as on the Kitsap Daily News! 

Compare to Crumbl! Our cookies are the same price (when our free shipping is taken into account), ship faster and have much much higher quality ingredients!

New and rotating flavors in our MYSTERY Box and Build Your Own Box offerings! Our cookies are HUGE, hand-made, small-batch and all are made with premium ingredients such as NZ grass fed+pastured cow's butter and organic, unbleached wheat flour. Cookies are baked fresh every morning, packaged, and sent directly to you! We deliver for free across the continental USA! All Deliveries in 1-3 days from your order! Same day local delivery also available.

Ships on day of order before 12pm (unless order volume exceeds capacity).



When we aren't busy baking, we're taking care of our bunnies: Mama Minnie Pie, Flurry, Loony, Sweet Pea, and Jay! Please allow us to introduce them. All seven of us hope you love our cookies!


Meet Mama Minnie!

 Mama Minnie was found abandoned in a park in Washington. She was brought to a local humane society. We saw how cute she is and had to bring her home! She had 2 kits soon after, Flurry and Jay! She's a very silly girl, she loves causing trouble and begging for treats!

Jay Jay


 Jay Jay is the face of Cookie Café! His favorite game is to chase us around the yard! He's very friendly, gentle and loving. His favorite treats are blueberries and banana, and he's the softest and fluffiest! Jay is a special all black Holland Lop.


Flurry Boy!


 Flurry got his name because he looks like a snowflake and rushes here and there and everywhere! He even has a perfect exclamation point on his back! He loves to give sweet kisses and snuggle our feet. Though the smallest, he can be the craziest!

Princess Loony and Sweet Pea!

                Loony (left)                                          Sweet Pea (right)

These two silly sisters are the daughters of Minnie and Flurry (oops). They make us laugh every day, and like to cause mischief. Little Loony is very shy but once she warms up to you she loves to receive pets and give kisses. Sweet Pea is not shy and craves all the attention, willing to go so far as to bite your ankles to say "pet me!" She does have her sweet moments, like how she loves to snuggle with us and gives lots of kisses.